“Portal Friends” Author Commentary

I have wanted to write a Mormon portal fantasy for a long time. I have also wanted to write a depiction of Heavenly Mother for awhile. So when I realized I could combine the two in a Narnia-esque world, I got really excited. But I didn’t know what the plot would be until I read the short story “This is Not My Adventure” by Karlo Yeager Rodríguez. Until then, I’d never read a story that focused on what happens after the portal adventure. I loved it.

Emily’s situation was inspired by my daughter’s experience entering Beehives as an eleven-year-old with a late birthday. Instead of being excited like the youth talked about during conference, she was more apprehensive because of how sudden the change was. Unlike Emily in the story, she has made friends among the Beehives. This story is dedicated to her.

Thanks to my beta readers: Regina, Daniel, Jillynn, Julia, and Emily.