About Annaliese

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Annaliese (rhymes with pizza) Lemmon likes to eat, play board games, and catch virtual creatures on her phone. Her fiction has been a finalist in the Mormon Lit Blitz multiple times, and has appeared in The Arcanist, Flash Fiction Press and Leading Edge. She also published a cookbook of recipes developed for her son who was allergic to gluten, dairy, and nuts (now he’s outgrown all but the nut allergies).

She lives with her husband and three children in Seattle. She is chronically ill with ITP, which at times has made her a spoonie, and exacerbated her struggle with depression. In writing something different, she hopes to write characters that might have similar challenges, which are often not seen in fantasy.

Contact her at annaliese.lemmon@gmail.com or on twitter @AnnalieseLemmon.

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