Immortal Judgment v 3 is Done!

I decided to change POV in this draft from 3rd person to 1st person. I did this to bring in a bit of a hint of an untrustworthy narrator, but also to make the second to last scene flow a lot smoother. I like how it ended up.

As I was working on this draft, I’ve been watching the classes available from the Storymakers conference, and getting ideas on how to further edit this story. There is one part in particular that I’ve been feeling had a weak bridge between the first half and the second half, and during one of those classes, it suddenly clicked what I was missing there. I also want to work more on strengthening the queen’s character arc and theme of the story.

Once that’s all done, I’ll send this out for another round of beta readers, to see if I’ve added in any new confusions. I’d been debating on whether or not to do that, but the amount of changes I’m making says this is the right call.


  • Started March 19
  • Finished May 29
  • 6,938 words (118% of v 2)
  • 9 scenes (all the same from v 2)

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