Goals for 2020

As I make my plans for the next year, time to decide what I want to do with stories in progress.

Soulmates – short story

I started revising this story, but ended up feeling like it was just a hot mess. I couldn’t get around that there were deep flaws in the story and characters. So, I moved on to something that had a better chance.

Status: retiring

Drone of a Fal’Cie – short story

The situation with this story is similar to “Soulmates”, although the mess wasn’t quite as hot. The ending battle had logic problems to it that I realized I hadn’t solved as I approached it. This one has a better chance of being revisited later, but I’m not as interested in it as I once was.

Status: retiring

Guardian Spirit – short story

This is a story that’s been hard to nail down. Well, the plot’s been essentially the same, but I’ve had to develop the POV character to help people connect. Still don’t feel like I’ve done it, but I’m up for some more editing.

Status: revising

Immortal Judgment – short story

I am currently deep in revision with this story after ripping out half of it. I’m excited for it, even though it will need lots of polish after I’ve got the new scenes written.

Status: revising

The Mermaid’s Voice – short story

I gave this a quick edit after getting some good personal feedback, and now this story is back on the market. I have high hopes. Let’s see if anything comes from it.

Status: on submission

For Such a Time – short story

I submitted this to Mormon Lit Blitz, and it got rejected. It was a bit preachy, so I can understand why. I don’t know of any other markets that would be interested in it, and even if I did, I wouldn’t be confident enough to send it.

Status: retiring

Fallen Star – novella

I haven’t put this story up on a fanfiction site yet because I wanted to do a polish with it. I’ve had one reader give me feedback so far, and I’m open to more until I start edits. I’m not feeling the need for a comfort project though, like I was at the beginning of the year. Maybe I’ll get to it after “Guardian Spirit” and “Immortal Judgment.”

Status: open beta

Refusing the Call – short story

I got multiple personal rejections saying they loved the subject matter of this story. They just wanted to see it explored in a larger piece. I understand that. Schizophrenia is a big thing, and would have a big effect on a hero’s journey that I barely even touched on in my flash piece. I don’t have the tools to handle all those nuances though. So, until I do, I’m setting this aside.

Status: retiring

Changestone – short story

After 2+ years at the same magazine, I finally got a rejection. That magazine was the bottom of my list of markets, and since its been so long, I’m sure my writing has improved since then. I actually haven’t gone back to read this again to check. Either way, I don’t want to do anything with it anymore.

Status: retiring

Rejections & Submissions

Wiping my plate clean this year due to depression and few spoons gave me lots of time to ponder what is best for my writing development right now. It seems to me the reason I haven’t had a pro publication is not because I haven’t been submitting. It’s because my work isn’t high enough quality yet. So again, for 2020, I’m not going to have a rejection or submission goal (Except for Mormon Lit Blitz, because I have a story idea for that I’m excited for). My focus is going to be on doing everything I can to make my stories quality, without being limited by arbitrary deadlines.

To Sum Up

In 2020, I want to:

  • Revise “Guardian Spirit”
  • Revise “Immortal Judgment”
  • Revise & publish “Fallen Star”
  • Write new story for Mormon Lit Blitz

and we’ll see if I get hit by inspiration for anything new.


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