Fallen Star v 1 is Done!

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“Leo’s Human Diary” has a new title – “Fallen Star”. I actually finished this draft a couple weeks ago, but had too much going on to post about it.

This draft went through some big changes – namely over doubling in size. Most of this is because in v 0, I decided to just skim the descriptions of scenes that took place in canon. But in v 1, I had the tension building to Loke’s first confrontation with Karen, and it just didn’t feel right to let that tension fizzle out by skimming that confrontation. So, I treated the in canon scenes as a writing exercise – I got the exact dialogue from the anime/manga (whichever translation I liked better), described the movements and positioning as exact as I could, and tried to recreate the same emotions without the help of pictures/music. I think it worked in some places, though I’m sure could still be punched up. It has helped me to see the pitfalls of relying on dialogue too much in my original writing.

The story is now available on my google drive for an open beta. No previous knowledge of Fairy Tail required. I am looking for comments on what is Awesome, Boring, Confusing, or Don’t Believe. You’ll notice I’ve already made some notes on things that I need to address, so don’t worry about telling me that its not perfect. I don’t know when I want to get back to editing this story, as I have other things to work on, but the itch is definitely still there.


  • Started January 18
  • Finished March 27
  • 19,540 words (220% the size of v 0)
  • 15 scenes (100% the size of v 0)

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