Leo’s Human Diary v 0 is Done!

Back in high school, I wrote fanfic for Sailor Moon and Dragon Ball Z. Then I started writing original fiction, and thought I’d never go back.

This summer, I decided to start watching Fairy Tail. My cousins were posting and liking memes about it, and I thought the chick in armor looked pretty awesome. She was, but the character I fell for was Loke. This caught me completely by surprise. I hate womanizers. But his tragic backstory sent me back through past episodes, examining his character to the point that I started to contemplate fanfiction, and it wouldn’t be satisfied with just an outline.

I didn’t want to write it, because I knew it wouldn’t ever earn me any money. But that need to tell the story was still there. So I decided to treat it like a writing exercise. I went into it with two goals. One – give Loke an “I’m a Fairy Tail wizard” moment. These are very emotional points in the anime, and I wanted to see if I could recreate it. Two – unfridge Aries. Ok, she didn’t actually die, but it bothered me that all of Loke’s sympathy was bought by Aries’s suffering. So I wanted her to have some agency, even though her role couldn’t be seen in the foreground.

I haven’t hit the intensity of the first goal as well as I’d like, so I am going to do another rewrite before asking for beta readers.


  • Started: October 24
  • Finished: December 29
  • 8,856 words
  • 3 parts
  • 15 scenes
  • 44 pictures of manga for research
  • 20 entries in excel timeline

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