Hugo 2019 Reading – May

May felt like I was still struggling to keep my head above water, though not as much as at the end of April. I’m glad that June feels a bit more relaxed. Just in time for kids to get out of school and upend my schedule again. 🙂 Here’s what I got through this week.

(5 stars) “Strange Waters” by Samantha Mills
a short story published by Strange Horizons

I loved this time travel story. A fisherwoman gets lost in time and just wants to get home to her family. The backdrop is that she washes up in the same town, and that town keeps a record of history that all the time travelers have shared, so it knows its future as well as its past. I loved Mika’s determination. I teared up at the ending.

(5 stars) “The Things That We Will Never Say” by Vanessa Fogg 
a short story published by Daily Science Fiction

I liked this story because except for the seeing into the future bit, it could take place today, with mother and child living in different states instead of different planets. It made the awkwardness between the two feel real. Very poignant for such a small piece.

Tank!” by John Wiswell
a short story published by Diabolical Plots

I don’t go to many conventions, nor have I watched Cowboy Bebop or Adventure Time, so I didn’t have the connections to this piece that others had. I definitely related to the awkwardness though. Such a cute depiction.

The Testimony of Dragon’s Teeth” by Sarah Monette
a short story published by Uncanny

One interesting thing about reading short stories is stumbling in the middle of an established series of stories, hear people rave about them, and still feel like I haven’t missed anything because the story is self-contained. I’ve never read a Booth story before. I doubt I’d seek out more, as the somber, dark vibe isn’t to my taste. I did like the mix of the mundane archivist needing to sort out the mystery of who was doing witchcraft.

(5 stars) “The Flight of Morpho Girl” by Caroline Specter and Bradley Denton
a novella published by

Similarly, I have only read one short story in the Wild Cards series before. Now this one, I would love to explore more stories from. I love super hero stories. And this one was poignant. A girl tries to figure out who she is, and how to keep her friendship after her metamorphosis had her switch to a different school. And she has to figure out how to relate to her Mom after a mission left her shaken. Good voice. Good conflict. Sweet resolution.

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