Refusing the Call v 1 is Done!

Refusing the Call Banner copy
This is a story that snuck up on me. After writing the Prophecy Subversion story, I was thinking about other characters in that world, and one character really started to demand her own story. You see, she has schizophrenia. And if there ever was a reason to refuse the call to be a hero, a disability like that would be a good one. Yet in stories, we rarely see a hero refuse the call because they feel inadequate.

I like how the story is shaping up. I plan on having it critiqued at the Futurescapes workshop in April, but first I’m going to fill out a few details that I rushed through in drafting, and send it to beta readers.


  • 827 words
  • 1 scene
  • 2 characters
  • Started January 18
  • Finished January 19

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