Goals for 2018

So, time to take stock of where my stories are so I can plan for the next year.

Subverting the Prophecy Subversion – Short Story

This story needs a lot of fleshing out. I have some ideas to expand it into a novel, but for now, I want to do a stand alone short story. I might keep it to flash. We’ll just see what the story requires.

Status: revising

After the Escape – Novelette

My recent revisions pushed this story from short story to novelette. I’m really happy with where it is now, and am keeping my hopes up as I send it out into the markets (though under a different name)

Status: on submission

Tattered Flower – Short Story

I’ve sent this story out to a few places. While Writers of the Future outright rejected it (not surprising, since its flash), it got nice feedback from Fantasy & Science Fiction and Beneath Ceaseless Skies. I’m going to incorporate that before sending it out again.

Status: revising

Soulmates – Short Story

Like “Tattered Flower”, this story has also been sent out to a few places and gotten some good feedback from Beneath Ceaseless Skies. I will be incorporating that before sending it out again.

Status: revising

Whirlwind – Poem

I wrote this because I had an idea I wanted to tell. I’m not very good at poetry, and don’t really know where to send it, so I’m going to trunk it.

Status: retiring

Meddling Gods – Novelette

This story has gotten the best feedback I’ve ever gotten in my rejections. Since I’m not sure how to fix its deficiencies, I’m just going to keep submitting it until I run out of markets or it sells.

Status: on submission

Unstop the Wind – Short Story

This story has also gotten some good feedback. Like “Meddling Gods”, I’m not sure how to fix its deficiencies, or if it would be worth it since I’ve already sent it to most of the markets on my list. I have a small break where I might take a look at revision, but more likely I’ll just keep sending it.

Status: on submission.

Changestone – Short Story

This story is currently at a magazine that takes over a year to get back to writers, so I’m just being patient with it a little while longer.

Status: on submission

Drifting in the Wind – Short Story

The more I thought about this story, the more I was at a loss for how to go about rewriting it. Nobody seemed interested in the plot, so it would take a complete re-haul. While I love the world it’s in, I couldn’t come up with a good plot. So I’m trunking it for now.

Status: retiring

Silent Scars – Novella

I like the story, but the sequel novel “Lightning Born” needs more work before I go back to this.

Status: on hiatus

Lightning Born – Novel

Thanks to the push from 4theWords, I actually started prep work on the next draft. Currently, I’m outlining so I can easily see the story. Then I can make high-level changes, which will include more of Stala’s viewpoint, changes in the villain’s motivation, and more. This will remain a lower priority until I win Writers of the Future or have 3 shorts accepted by professional markets.

Status: revising

So, to sum up, in 2018 I want to:

  • Revise “Subverting the Prophecy Subversion”
  • Revise “Tattered Flower”
  • Revise “Soulmates”
  • Revise “Lightning Born”

And add to that:

  • New story for Mormon Lit Blitz – currently planning an alternate history story where there was never a ban on blacks getting the priesthood
  • 2 more stories for Writers of the Future (max 1 revised story)
  • 35 rejections or pro publication
  • Get a 30 day streak on 4theWords.


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