Accomplishments of 2017

Another year done. Let’s see how I measured up to the goals I set at the beginning of the year.

What I Did That I Planned

  • 1 Draft “Meddling Gods” – No major draft really, but did 5 minor drafts, focusing on a different element each time.
  • Publish “The Legacy Left Behind” as an e-book
  • new story for Mormon Lit Blitz – “Daughters of Ishmael” which is now available as an e-book
  • 2 new stories (or 1 revised story and 1 new story) for Writers of the Future (deadlines September 30 and December 31) – The two new stories are “Soulmates” and “Tattered Flower”.
  • 25 rejections or pro publication – Hit 33 rejections, no pro publication.

What I Didn’t Do That I Planned

  • 1 draft “Drifting in the Wind” – decided to trunk this story instead
  • 1 draft “Lightning Born” – Didn’t work on a draft, but I actually started some prep work for the next draft.

What I Did Instead

  • Rewrite of “After the Escape”
  • New story “Subverting the Prophecy Subversion”
  • Wrote poem “Whirlwind”

I’m surprised at how much of my actual goals that I accomplished. I guess I always think that there’s more I abandoned to chase something shiny, but that only happened once, and Lightning Born was always a stretch goal. All in all, a good year.

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