Goal for 25 Rejections Reached!

I hit my goal to receive 25 rejections this year. Sadly, I didn’t come close to the other condition of my goal – getting professional publication. Oh well. There are still 2 months and 10 days left, so who knows?

Last year, I got 26 rejections, 5 of which were personal. (I count personal as anything that is above and beyond a regular rejection. So honorable mention in Writers of the Future counts, but the personal comments from Fantasy & Science Fiction and Beneath Ceaseless Skies don’t) So far this year, I’ve received 6 personals, which makes me quite happy, since some of these were at markets I hadn’t received a personal before.

I currently have 4 outstanding submissions, 3 of which I expect to hear back from before the end of the year. I also expect to send this latest rejected story back out, once I’ve decided on the best place. Maybe I’ll hit 30 rejections by new year’s. Just have to wait and see.


  • 8 stories, 1 poem (128% of 2016)
  • 18 markets (85% of 2016)
  • 6 personal rejections (120% of 2016)
  • 1 acceptance (50% of 2016)

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