Hugo 2018 Reading – August

Another busy month getting kids ready for school (when I wasn’t keeping them from fighting each other) and going to Oregon to see the solar eclipse (so cool!). Unfortunately, I didn’t listen to anything this month that I really loved, but here’s what I got to.

Sunwake, in the Lands of Teeth” by Juliette Wade
a novella published by Clarkesworld

I really liked the perspective of the dog-like aliens in this novel. The way their language worked, and their senses all felt real. For some reason, I wasn’t invested in the plot, but it did have some intrigue and suspense.

The Stone Lover” by Marta Randall
a short story published by Lightspeed

I’m a bit of a prude, so this story was not for me. I should have seen it from the title. Ah well. It was well written, and I did enjoy seeing the queen get her comeuppance.

Trigger warning: sexual acts

Crickets Sing for Naomi” by Eden Royce
a short story published by PodCastle

Naomi seemed to just be a witness for much of the story, so I didn’t get very interested in her. I did like the way things turned out in the end.

A Slumbering Storm” by Rafaela Ferraz
a short story published by Strange Horizons

I kept expecting this story to turn horror, but it didn’t, so I wasn’t sure what to make of it until reader Anaea Lay mentioned the metaphorical examination of getting treatment for depression. Thinking back on it, I can see that it’s pretty accurate.

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