2 Flowers v 1 is Done!

2 flowers banner copy
This story is a struggle for me. I’m not super excited about it, but I am determined to polish it up. So that means I have a lot of crafting ahead. I need to really dig into who these characters are, and develop their character arcs better, because that is the soul of this story. Kamila, the main character, is more quiet than most of my characters, so she’s harder to pin down. I could also probably work on what theme I want this story to tell too, in order to help it be more compelling.

At least its short, so while this draft felt like pulling teeth, once I sat down to do it, it didn’t take too long.


  • Started July 11
  • Finished July 20
  • 1,252 words (147% of v 0)
  • 3 scenes (100% of v 0)

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