Soulmates v 1 is Done!

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It has been a long time since I’ve done visuals of my characters for a story, but for this one, I felt like I just had to once I got the idea. So, here are the three characters that appear in the story.

TanzTanz copy

I wanted this world to have the feel of RWBY, so the characters follow the naming convention of being named after colors. When I decided on the name Tanz (short for Tanzanite) for the narrator, I immediately pictured her as an older, blue themed Ruby.

AuricAuric copy

Stahl from Fire Emblem Awakening became my model for Auric. My character doesn’t share Stahl’s constant hunger, but he does share the heart of gold that wants to help everybody.

CarmineCarmine copy

Unlike the other two, Carmine does not have access to magic. So she fights monsters with regular weapons, including a bow and arrow. That’s why she’s modeled on Katniss, but with red hair, as her personality is more like Pyrrha’s from RWBY.

And now for some statistics.

  • Started: April 5
  • Finished: April 20
  • 1,839 words (175% of v 0)
  • 2 scenes (100% of v 0)


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