Story Design: Zeppelins


One of things I needed to do in this story was figure out what kind of airship the protagonists are flying. This is a world where some magical element causes the land masses to fly, so to travel, people have mined that mineral and used it to line their ships to make them fly. But how was it moved? Wind power? Engines? And how was it designed – like an old fashioned sailing ship, or a zeppelin?

This world has steampunk technology (the people use radios to keep track of where the islands have floated to) so I decided to go with a zeppelin propelled by engines, with some key differences. It would have a metal hull (possibly duralumin) instead of fabric to provide defense. There would be cannons mounted top and bottom (this is a pirate ship). Also, all the space that the hydrogen took up previously can be used for storage. I’m going to move the engines from the bottom to the sides, as that seems to be the least vulnerable place in combat.

This story still needs a lot of work, but I think it will be fun when it’s done.

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