Unstop the Wind v 2 is Done!

Unstop the wind banner copy
My toddler broke the screen of my laptop, so I had to get a new one. While I was copying everything, I decided it was time I gave Scrivener a try. This is the first draft I wrote with it. So far, I like the program, though I think its features will really shine when I get around to editing Lightning Born.

This draft focused on filling out details and adding tension to the beginning. I also switched it from 3rd point of view to 1st point of view, to give it more of a sense of intimacy during the scenes when Palipa is flying by herself. I need to do a polish on it, and then it’s off to beta readers.


  • Started January 22
  • Finished February 2
  • 3,639 words (137% the size of v 1)
  • 5 scenes (1 more than v 1)

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