Hugo 2016 Reading – December

This month found me with less time for listening to short stories, as I was traveling for the holidays. So, I took some time to read from Daily Science Fiction in order to study flash fiction for writing “The Legacy Left Behind.” Here’s what I thought.

The Fox Bride” by Mari Ness Reed a short story published by Daily Science Fiction
Really nice fairy tale like story, with an ending different from the way the fairy tales normally go. Short and sweet.

Pockets” by Amal El-Mohtar a short story published by Uncanny Magazine
I loved how science played into this story. When Nadia and Tessa test how random things are coming out of Nadia’s pockets, it’s not just size and type, they also test conservation of mass. Fun with a sweet ending.

Houdini’s Heart” by Thoraiya Dyer a short story published by Apex Magazine
An interesting setup, but I failed to care much about the characters. Houdini seemed too frivolous, Olwen was introduced as boring obstacle (though I did like his arc), and Carmela seemed like too much of a side character to invest in.

A New Man in Time for Christmas” by Dustin Adams a short story published by Daily Science Fiction
The introduction was really interesting, but the ending went flat for me. I felt like I was missing something of the background of what had happened.

Pumping Iron with Santa” by Sarina Dorie a short story published by Daily Science Fiction
A cute story of mythical creatures hanging out at the gym. Good use of bro lingo.

A Modest Proposal” by Dave D’Alessio a short story published by Daily Science Fiction
A really enjoyed this aliens/Christmas crossover. The aliens want to destroy Earth until they discover Santa and his magic, which they see as really advanced technology, and they want it. Great concept, great delivery.

Bloodless” by Cory Skerry a short story published by Beneath Ceaseless Skies
I’m not that interested in vampire stories, but this one was well written. Kamalija had a good arc with lots of turmoil. I also liked the original twists Skerry put on it.


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