February 2014 Writing Status

The Gods' Blessings copy
What I did in the last month:

  • Published “Infant Insomnia” at Barnes and Noble, Apple, and Kobo
  • Completed 90% of my outline for changes to make to the next draft of Treasure of the Gods
  • Selected recipes for my cookbook from The Rice of Life blog. Copied 82% of those recipes into a .doc file in preparation for publishing.
  • Got “Silent Scars” critiqued by the writing group. My conclusions – it’s great as bonus material to Lightning Born but too disjointed by itself to have much of a shot in the markets. So now, I’m thinking about expanding the story so the plot is the story of the romance between Riak and Zelka. My worry is about what I’m going to do with it if it goes beyond novelette length (17,500 words). Eh, I’ll write it first and then figure it out.

Plans for the next month:

  • Finish outlining changes for Treasure of the Gods and start writing version 2.0.
  • Copy remaining recipes into cookbook file. Tweak recipes that need it. Copyedit.
  • Write first draft of a new short story to submit to The SEA is Ours. This is an anthology for steampunk set in Southeast Asia (or secondary world inspired by Southeast Asia). Treasure of the Gods is a secondary world inspired by Southeast Asia (though it also includes influence from the Pacific Islands and Korea). I just have to advance the technology 200 years to make it steampunk. I already have a character in mind. Now I just need a plot…

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