“Disability, Death, or Other Circumstance” Author Commentary

DDOOC cover copyMy husband was recently in the hospital for 11 days. As I worked through my emotions in that time, I felt a great need to express them creatively. However, having a character go through the exact same trial I was going through would have hit too close to home, so I turned to the absurd.

Once I had that idea, I was really excited by the idea of channeling Kafka, because I absolutely loathed reading “The Metamorphosis” in high school. I hated that the main character never bothered trying to communicate to his family, and I hated the lack of compassion everyone had for him. And now, I had the chance to fix all that.

The good news is, unlike David, my husband has a good prognosis for getting back to work. This story is dedicated to him. And now, you get to enjoy it as one of 12 finalists in the 2015 Mormon Lit Blitz. Much thanks to my beta readers Sherry Work, John Parsons, and fellow finalist Julia Jeffery.

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