Soulmates v 3 is Done!

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I got a bunch of comments from critters, half of which seemed to consist of “Describe the raths better!” So I worked on that, and putting in a bunch of things called emotions. The second half was overhauled a lot too, not because people thought it needed it, but because I had an idea that made it better.

I continue to feel really good about it. I’m going to do a polish, and then see what I can do with it.


  • Started June 20
  • Finished June 23
  • 2,894 words (124% of v 2)
  • 3 scenes (150% of v 2)

Go Vote for “Daughters of Ishmael”

coverAll the stories in the 2017 Mormon Lit Blitz have now been published, including my story “Daughters of Ishmael.” Now, voting is open to determine which of the 12 finalists will be the grand prize winner. Instructions and a list of the finalists can be found here. Go, enjoy, and vote! The winner will be announced on Monday June 19th.

And if you’re curious, here is my author commentary on my story. An e-book with both story and commentary will be available for free after the winner is announced.

Two Flowers v 0 is Done!

2 flowers banner copyIt’s a new story, and it went very quick. This is the first story that I brainstormed after I decided that I wanted to focus on more women-driven stories. This one is about a barren woman getting a magic spell to be able to conceive, but there is a side effect she didn’t anticipate.

This ended up being shorter than I anticipated, but I am an underwriter, and expect it to expand in rewrites. I also don’t like the title, so expect that to change. I might be able to get another draft in before going back to Soulmates. We’ll just have to see how things go.


  • Started: June 7, 9:49 am
  • Finished: June 7, 11:42 am
  • 849 words
  • 3 scenes

Hugo 2018 Reading – May

Yay, I feel like I’m finally getting into the groove of listening to podcasts! Just in time for my schedule to be completely upended by summer break. Well, I’m still hopeful that I’ll get some story reading in. And I’m excited that I found my first 5 star story for the year!

Bear Language” by Martin Cahill
a short story published by Fireside Fiction

This is a heavy story dealing with child abuse and alcoholism. It handled the topics well. I especially liked how Joanna’s perception of swearing evolved over the course of the story – at first she was able to filter the words out, but later, she couldn’t. I am glad that it ended on a hopeful note.

Piety, Prayer, Peacekeeper, Apocalypse” by Rati Mehrotra
a short story published by PodCastle

Some interesting magic and politics going on here. I just didn’t feel particularly drawn in to it. I don’t care for stories with seduction in them.

Soccer Fields and Frozen Lakes” by Greg Kurzawa
a short story published by Lightspeed

This story was a bit hard for me to understand in audio. I didn’t always catch when the letters were addressed to someone new. I wanted to understand more about what hybrids were, though I suppose that’s not important to the story. The pacing was a bit slow, I felt. I did like the twist ending, though.

Storytime at the White Hart” by Wm Henry Morris
a short story published by Big Echo

I am not familiar with Arthur C. Clarke’s “The Ultimate Melody”, which this story was inspired by, so it was hard for me to get much out of it. I find stories about guys chatting around a bar to be boring anyway.

(5 stars) “Auspicium Melioris Aevi” by JY Yang
a short story published by Uncanny

This was a story with a really interesting concept – clones live out scenes from their progenitor’s life in simulation, but one clone decides to make different choices, based on what he knows of the entirety of his progenitor’s life, and is punished for it. Really interesting look at Singapore’s history, and meritocracy.

To the Editors of The Matriarch, re: Allegations of Pressganging” by Matt Dovey
a short story published by Daily Science Fiction

This alternate history doesn’t have anything flashy to set it apart from life as we know it, but it was a really interesting look at applying the rationale for rape (especially of women) to men being pressganged.

Soulmates v 2 is Done!

Soulmates banner attr

Another draft done! This time around, I expanded the ending, as my critique group let me know I had ended it way too soon. Now, it really feels like it sticks the landing. Yay! I also worked on adding details to flesh out the world and characters, and refined the big fight.

It’s off to critters for another go over, and I have a few more details to add and refine. Then I’m hopeful for sending it out in the markets.


  • Started May 4
  • Finished May 15
  • 2,276 words (124% of v 1)
  • 2 scenes (100% of v 1)

“Daughters of Ishmael” is a Finalist in the Mormon Lit Blitz!

My story “Daughters of Ishmael” is one of 12 finalists in the Mormon Lit Blitz. That means it will be published on Mormon Artist on June 9, and then the following week, readers will vote for their favorite story, and the winner gets $100.

This year marks a change, as “Daughters of Ishmael” is straight historical, no fantasy. It tells the story of Nephi, Laman, and Lemuel’s wives at the time when Nephi leaves his brothers behind after Lehi’s death (2 Nephi 5). It took me several drafts to get this story right, so I hope you enjoy it! I’ll be posting an author commentary the same day it publishes, so look for that.

Hugo 2018 Reading – April

Once again, I’ve been doing lots of reading, though not of things published this year. I’ve been working through Unfettered and Mr. Churchill’s Secretary while traveling. So here’s what I did make it through. Still nothing that I absolutely loved.

To Budapest, with Love” by Theodora Goss
a short story published by Uncanny

This story/essay isn’t speculative fiction in the normal sense, though it does compare immigrants with aliens from outer space, and how it feels to not belong. Very moving.

Some Cupids Kill With Arrows” by Tansy Rayner Roberts
a short story published by Uncanny

This was a funny story about Greek gods in the modern world, and Cupid being behind in his line of work. Did not predict the twists it took.

Left of Bang: Preemptive Self-Actualization for Autonomous Systems” by Vajra Chandrasekera
a short story published by Clarkesworld

An intriguing flash fiction about an automaton going through assassination trial, and not realizing what has happened in the background.

Clickbait for Paranormals: Six Amazing Secrets from a Ghost’s Guide to Getting Ghouls” by Sarina Dorie
a short story published by Daily Science Fiction

I don’t particularly care much for dating tips and hook up guides. So while this one did have some amusing takes on directing it to ghosts, it wasn’t for me.

Soulmates v 1 is Done!

Soulmates banner attr

It has been a long time since I’ve done visuals of my characters for a story, but for this one, I felt like I just had to once I got the idea. So, here are the three characters that appear in the story.

TanzTanz copy

I wanted this world to have the feel of RWBY, so the characters follow the naming convention of being named after colors. When I decided on the name Tanz (short for Tanzanite) for the narrator, I immediately pictured her as an older, blue themed Ruby.

AuricAuric copy

Stahl from Fire Emblem Awakening became my model for Auric. My character doesn’t share Stahl’s constant hunger, but he does share the heart of gold that wants to help everybody.

CarmineCarmine copy

Unlike the other two, Carmine does not have access to magic. So she fights monsters with regular weapons, including a bow and arrow. That’s why she’s modeled on Katniss, but with red hair, as her personality is more like Pyrrha’s from RWBY.

And now for some statistics.

  • Started: April 5
  • Finished: April 20
  • 1,839 words (175% of v 0)
  • 2 scenes (100% of v 0)


Hugo 2018 Reading – January Through March

First off, congratulations to the finalists for the 2017 Hugos! Lots of good works on that list.

I’ve actually been reading this month, but not a lot of fiction. For my birthday, I received The Geek Feminist Revolution and Rejected Princesses, and am over halfway through both. Very good reads. But that is not what this post is for. It’s for fiction published in 2017. When I realized I hadn’t read anything yet, I rushed out to and picked a few stories that caught my eye. Here is what I thought.

Come See the Living Dryad” by Theodora Goss
A novelette published by

This story isn’t straight speculative fiction. The living dryad of the title has a real (though rare) disease. Yet I felt drawn to it as Daphne pieces together the story of how her great-great-grandmother was murdered. The mystery isn’t very surprising, but the characterization is stellar.

The Ordinary Woman and the Unquiet Emperor” by Catherynne M. Valente
A short story published by

This story feels like a heavy metaphor for our time. A bit too heavy for me, and it seemed, too simplistic of a solution.

Our Faces, Radiant Sisters, Our Faces Full of Light” by Kameron Hurley
A short story published by

This story had a lot of hope, while still acknowledging the cost of fighting. Good emotional draw.

God Product” by Alyssa Wong
A short story published by

These last three stories were written in the theme of “Still, she persisted.” The first doesn’t depict any consequences. The second shows consequences along with a better cause. This one shows consequences, and that persisting was really a bad choice. Heartbreaking.

Soulmates v 0 is Done!

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It’s a brand new story! In the middle of working on other brand new stories like “Nephi’s Sisters” (currently waiting to get beta read. I didn’t post about it here as its not fantasy) and another new story inspired by my last post, I wrote this story that takes place in a post apocalyptic world. The current length borders on flash fiction, but it has a lot of expansion to go as I add in details.

The trickiest thing about this one will be nailing the characters. There’s not much plot, just a character’s reaction to unexpected circumstances. So, I’m going to make another pass, and then it’s off to beta readers.


  • Started: March 24, 2017
  • Finished: March 29, 2017
  • 1,053 words
  • 2 scenes