Accomplishments of 2019

When I made my goals for this year, I was deep in depression. I had started to recognize that and so I pared back my expectations. Which is good, because even though I climbed out of it, I still had to deal with side effects from changing meds for ITP. So a lot of what happened this year was more of a surprise.

What I Did That I Planned

  • Revise “If I Perish, I Perish” (now “For Such a Time”)
  • Revise “Leo’s Human Diary” (now “Fallen Star”)

What I Didn’t Do That I Planned

  • Publish “Fallen Star” (I don’t count putting it on google docs. I’d meant on a fanfic website. I haven’t done that yet, because I want another edit first.)
  • Revise “Soulmates” (As I looked over the edits necessary, I decided it was too much work)
  • Revise “Drone of a Fal’Cie” (I started a revision, and then realized that I didn’t have a plan for fixing the part that most people had a problem with – the ending. Since I had a new idea to work on instead, I trunked this one)
  • Write timetravel/shapeshifter novel (Never got started)

What I Did Instead

  • 4 drafts “Guardian Spirit”
  • 3 drafts “The Mermaid’s Voice”
  • 2 drafts “Immortal Judgment”
  • 17 rejections
  • 1 publication – “Tattered Flower

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