Guardian Spirits v 3 is Done!

When this story received a straight rejection, I was a little despondent. But when I sent it to critters, it was nice to see such a clear reason for it – things (especially the beginning) were too confusing. I backed up a bit at the beginning to set things up better, so it feels that issue has been solved.

I’m still not that happy with it. I love the theme of the story, but I need Aleron to be a more engaging character. I really do need to sit down and structure this story to hit the beats better, which will enhance Aleron’s inner/outer conflict. Right now, Verdell’s just too interesting of a character and takes over. 🙂


  • Started: October 21
  • Finished October 23
  • 1,753 words (127% the size of v 2)

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