Immortal Judgment v 0 is Done!

While I was trying to get up the motivation to edit “Drones of a Fal’Cie” after finishing v1 of “The Mermaid’s Voice” someone posted a question on a writer’s group on Facebook that prompted me to share an idea I had for a brand new story. I looked at how excited I was for this new story, and how I was dithering on DOAF because I hadn’t really planned how to fix the ending, and decided it was time to switch.

“Immortal Judgment” is a very meaty story. It’s also one that could go very wrong. For starters, it’s got a very diverse cast of characters, requiring me to use the skills I learned in the “Writing the Other” class. And as these characters interact with bias in the judicial system, and power structures, there’s a lot of issues. I’m hoping to avoid landmines, but I’ll have to wait for beta reads to see how well I did.

In the meantime, I have a lot of fleshing out to do. I didn’t describe things as well as they needed. And I need to decide if there are scenes that I want to combine, as they’re really short.


  • Started August 28
  • Finished September 12
  • 3,088 words
  • 9 scenes
  • 7 named characters
  • 4 research pages (starvation, Vietnamese clothing, dual wielding, and pink lakes)

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