Hugo 2020 Reading – July

With a family reunion in the middle of July, and then spending my writing time promoting “Tattered Flower” and creating e-books, I feel like my goals have gone completely askew. Ah well. Even if I don’t get a rhythm together for August, I’ll have September with three kids in school to focus on my writing and reading.

Tattered Flower by Annaliese Lemmon
a short story published by The Arcanist

My story came out this month! Of course I enjoyed reading it. 🙂

The Staircase to the Moon” by M. K. Hutchins
a short story published by Fireside Magazine

This was an interesting look at the evolution of civilization through the eyes of the goddess that cares for them. I especially liked the theme of sacrifice and legacy, and wanted to spend more time on that than a flash piece allowed.

(5 stars) “Super-Duper Moongirl and the Amazing Moon Dawdler” by Wulf Moon
a short story published in Writers of the Future vol 35

When I realized that this story was about a girl who uses a robot dog to breathe who lives on the moon, I was sold. I love stories about people with disabilities. The voice of the character was great. The conflict was personal, and the resolution sweet.

(5 stars) “Lost Robot” by Dean Wesley Smith
a short story published in Writers of the Future vol 35

I liked this story for how fun it was. Sky’s extraordinary abilities are revealed to the reader a piece at a time, in a matter-of-fact way, which is a technique I hadn’t seen before. My only complaint is that the conflict was fairly easily overcome, though I suppose the catharsis comes from the characters finding peace, rather than overcoming something huge.

#Blessed” by Wendy Nikel
a short story published by The Arcanist

This was a sweet story about a mommy blogger and perception vs reality. I had two main complaints with this story. 1st, it’s set 10 years or so in the future, and didn’t have much of a speculative element to it. 2nd, I’ve seen articles examining this aspect of life, so it didn’t seem to add much.

The Apprentice” by Wayne Martin
a short story published by The Arcanist

Wayne was actually one of my beta readers for “Tattered Flower” so it’s funny that our stories were published a week apart by the same magazine. This was a cute story of a wizard and his apprentice. I enjoyed it, but it didn’t get 5 stars because it felt like standard fantasy fare instead of anything special. I wasn’t surprised at the twist.

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