Subverting the Prophecy Subversion v 1 is Done!

This story was written only because of the push 4theWords gave me to get words on the page. Since I couldn’t get more words from After the Escape, I decided to do some brainstorming, and wrote down a bit that has been kicking around in my brain about the Evil Overlord killing the prophesied hero before he can rise to power. I liked it so much, I developed it into a flash fiction. And then I liked it so much, I’m starting to develop a novel that will follow the person to take up the mantle of hero.

I’m still not satisfied with the flash version. It doesn’t have a satisfying ending to it. And the hero’s characterization needs some work to make him interesting. But it has potential. And if it doesn’t make it on its own, it will make a good first chapter. 🙂


  • 488 words
  • 1 scene
  • 3 characters

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