Hugo 2018 Reading – September

Schedules have changed once again and we are settling into new routines as kids go back to school. I’ve been slack on my reading and listening, but here’s what I got to.

How the Maine Coon Cat Learned to Love the Sea” by Seanan McGuire
a short story published by Uncanny

This was a sweet fable type story about cats (which I love). Very fun to see the transformation of puffy cloud-like Angora cats to Maine Coon cats.

(5 stars) “That Lingering Sweetness” by Tony Pi
a novelette published by Beneath Ceaseless Skies

This was a really fun story about breaking a curse. Full of magic inspired by Chinese culture. I was a little worried about understanding things since I hadn’t read the other stories about this character, but it stood alone very well. The plot had intriguing and interesting twists.

(5 stars) “The Eternal Army” by M. K. Hutchins
a short story published by Daily Science Fiction

I really liked this story of the army of undead summoned in the near future to fight for Rome. The twist in circumstance was unexpected and delightful for the contrast in circumstances we normally see undead armies in.

The Library of Lost Things” by Matthew Bright
a short story published by

Libraries of lost tomes are common, but this one had a richness to it, from sorting things by the manner they were lost (burned, author death, hard drive crash), to the speaking rats, to the expectation that employees be uninterested, which Tom pretends to be for his own end. The style was also interesting with the “And then” paragraphs to show Tom pretending to not care. Well done.

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