Goals for 2017

I’m the type of person who likes to know what’s going on. If I don’t have a plan, then I’m panicking. So, time for me to look at what projects are on my plate and what I want to do this year.

The Gods’ Blessings – Novel

I’ve been looking at the sagging plot structure, and the overused/harmful tropes that I used and been at a loss as to how to fix things. So when I changed the prequel (“Meddling Gods”) to a new ending that meant this novel would no longer be happening, I did so gladly.

Status: Retiring

Meddling Gods – Novelette

I learned a lot on the Writing Excuses Cruise about structure and theme, and I want to put it all into this story. It’s a lot of work, but I’m excited for it, because it’s going to make this story really good. Easily my best.

Status: Revising, deadline March 31

Almost Sisters – short story

I just submitted this story (under a different title) to Writers of the Future. Yet, I’m still shaky, as I didn’t have time to send it through critters, or really polish it like I’m doing with “Meddling Gods.” I wouldn’t be surprised if I revise it before sending it out again.

Status: On submission

Changestone – Short story

I did do a polish on this story last year, so I’m not sure what else I can do to make it better. I’ll just keep sending it out into the markets until it sells.

Status: On submission

“Drifting in the Wind” (Floating Island)– short story

After being rejected by Writers of the Future, I sent this story through Critters, and received really contradictory feedback. So I’m not sure how to fix this story. It’s possible it just wasn’t right for the market, but there’s probably something I can do to fix it.

Status: Revising

Unstop the Wind – Short story

This story has received the best responses so far in the markets, so I have high hopes for it. Revision pending on future responses/sudden insights.

Status: On submission

Silent Scars Novella

My beta readers finished reading through this and gave me lots of feedback. I don’t plan on working on this story until after its sequel novel “Lightning Born” gets another draft done. It’s been waiting longer.

Status: On hiatus

Sarimanok Feather – Short story

This story was under consideration by Leading Edge for over a year. In that time, I took the main concept and character from this story and wrote “Unstop the Wind.” Now that this story has been rejected, I have no reason to work on it any more.

Status: retiring

Lightning Born – Novel

While this story has been collecting dust, I have had scenes going through my head as I try to work out how to revise it. I want to bring it all the way back to the outline stage to really make it come together instead of being a bit haphazard with how I wrote the first draft. So I’m excited for this. I’m just not sure if I’ll get to it with the short stories I’m working on now.

Status: Revising

So to sum up

  • 1 draft “Meddling Gods”
  • 1 draft “Drifting in the Wind”
  • 1 draft “Lightning Born”

And add to that

  • Publish “The Legacy Left Behind” as an e-book
  • new story for Mormon Lit Blitz – Currently considering a story about Nephi’s sisters. Not fantasy, for once
  • 2 new stories (or 1 revised story and 1 new story) for Writers of the Future (deadlines September 30 and December 31)
  • 25 rejections or pro publication

Well, that will keep me busy.


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