Accomplishments of 2016

Gift of Tongues banner copy

As I look at what I want to do next year, I thought I should look back at how I accomplished my goals for 2016.

What I Did That I Planned

  • 1 draft “Meddling Gods”
  • 2 drafts “Unstop the Wind”
  • 2 drafts “Floating Island”
  • Write new story to submit to Mormon Lit Blitz (“The Gift of Tongues”)
  • Get more than 10 rejections or get something accepted for pro publication (Total 26)

What I Didn’t Do That I Planned

  • 1 draft “Lightning Born” (this is becoming a regular occurrence)
  • Revise something to submit to Writers of the Future Q1 V 34

What I Did Instead

  • Revised “The Legacy Left Behind” and had it accepted at Flash Fiction Press
  • 3 drafts of “Almost Sisters”

So pretty good for me. I’m a bit surprised I didn’t have more on the list of things I didn’t do. Looking forward to next year.

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