Hugo 2017 Reading – August

Goodbye summer, hello fall! I didn’t find anything this month that I particularly liked, but I’m excited to do lots of reading now that the kids are in school and the house is a lot quieter! Anyway, here’s what I did get through.

Helio Music” by Mike Buckley
a short story published by Clarkesworld

I’m not fond of revenge stories, nor of stories in 2nd person where the character is obviously someone who is not me. So this story didn’t do so well for me. It did have a good voice to it though.

Magnifica Angelica Superable” by Rochita Loenen-Ruiz
a short story published by Lightspeed

I liked the message in this story and Magnifica Angelica. It was just hard to believe the world became more feminist with hardly a hiccup.

My Grandmother’s Bones” by S. L. Huang
a short story published by Daily Science Fiction

This story is very subtly speculative fiction, which is a bit of a hard sell for me, however, it was full of emotion and quite touching.

Not a Villain vol 4 by Aneeka Richins
a graphic novel published at

This volume continues the story of Not a Villain with a plot arc involving the group’s first fight in the Game. I was quite surprised with the twists it presented, and I’m excited to see where the story leads. I’ll be supporting the kickstarter for this volume when it launches in October.

The Wedding of Snow, Earth, and Salt” by Kate Heartfield
a short story published by PodCastle

I quite liked the drama presentation, where each character was narrated by a different person. Analogy stories aren’t typically my thing, though.

Hyrmnal” by Jonathan Mark Laidlow
a short story published by Daily Science Fiction

This story had some interesting ideas – playing a snail as an instrument, and doing so despite poisons it secretes, and then the twist at the end. Just didn’t captivate me

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