Almost Sisters v 1 is Done!

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My rough polish is done, but this story still feels like a bit of a mess. Part of that is I can’t seem to decide how to spell the country Vashtaat, but it also needs more tying together to make it a comprehensive story with theme and character arcs and stuff. I didn’t even figure out what that theme was until last week when I wrote a character sketch of the main character Kumi as an exercise. It was an interesting sketch, since it asks questions I hadn’t seen before. I’ll include it below for the interested.

This draft has the same word count and scene numbers as v 0, but there was a lot going on behind the scenes. I deleted an entire character so that the sister relationship could shine, so that completely changed half the scenes. So I will still need to focus on fleshing out the world to make it evocative. But that’s for next draft. For now, it’s off to beta readers


  • Started: August 17
  • Finished: September 28
  • 5,265 words (100% the size of v 0)
  • 6 scenes

Character sketch: Kumi

  • Greatest conscious wish – to be reunited with her birth family
  • Greatest unconscious wish – to not cause pain to her adopted siblings
  • Greatest known shame – almost shooting her sister
  • Greatest secret shame – not trusting Ilyse to help her with Geomar’s threat
  • Biggest disappointment – not being accepted by her birth family/culture shock

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