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When I first started playing Fire Emblem Fates, my husband asked me how long it was going to take before it inspired me to write a story. I had some ideas kicking around about growing up in a place where time passes faster than where your parents live. But 3 months into playing, I was hit with this idea about the avatar always knowing where she’d come from, and running away to get back home.

This story took awhile partly because my day job (stay at home mom) is pretty demanding right now, and partly because I had the hardest time figuring out the ending. I thought I had one when I started, but then decided I didn’t like it, and kept spinning until I found one that I liked.

I thought that this was going to end up as a novelette, because so much was going on. But even with all the fleshing out that it needs, I think I can still keep it in the definition of short story (under 7,500 words). That will certainly make it more salable. Now, to turn around and give it a rough polish before sending it to beta readers.


  • Started May 24
  • Finished August 15
  • 5,231 words
  • 6 scenes

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