Floating Island v 2.1 is Done!

floating island banner copyI was half way through version 2.0 of this story when I realized that I was telling it from the wrong point of view. The person in the most pain wasn’t the female pirate I was focusing on, but her brother. So, I scratched everything and rewrote it from his point of view. It still involved lots of head banging and brainstorming, and it is still really rough, but I like how it is shaping up. Maybe next draft I can even come up with a better title than “Floating Island.”

I am saddened that I got rid of some of the sense of wonder of approaching a floating island, so I’m going to see what I can add back in.


  • Started April 5
  • Finished April 27
  • 2,997 words (81% the size of v 1)
  • 6 scenes (2 more than v 1)

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