Albatross Flight v 0 is Done!

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I’ve been growing dissatisfied with my story Sarimanok Feather. I’d cut the fun parts out of it, and it’s tragic, and I’m just not that interested in tragedy. So I had planned on trunking it after I hear back from the magazine it is currently submitted to.

But then I heard another call for submissions for steampunk outside of England and the US, this one wanting characters with exceptionalities (disabilities). I put it out of my mind at first, thinking that I had enough to work on, and I wasn’t sure what exceptionality to include. Then the thought came to my mind, write what you know.

I have ITP, a rare blood disorder that affects my blood clotting. I have only ever heard of it being dealt with in fiction once before (the novel Hold Me Like a Breath, which I haven’t read yet). I started to wonder how a character in a steampunk universe would be affected by this, and a story started to take shape.

I’ve cannibalized the characters and world from Sarimanok Feather for this story, and it feels much stronger than Sarimanok Feather did. It still needs a lot of work to shape it up and get it polished (including coming up with a better title), but I have until June 1 to do that.


  • Started September 17, 2015
  • Finished September 21, 2015
  • 1,842 words
  • 4 scenes

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