The Gods’ Blessings v 02 is Done!


This draft of my novel was a major overhaul. I had a ton of stuff to add to the beginning, which I thought would make this draft longer than the previous. I did not count on the fact that completely redoing the climax of the story would involve a lot of cutting. But the feedback I got from my beta readers said the antagonist was overshadowing the hero, so I cut some of her POV chapters.

I do believe the story is stronger now. It still needs a LOT of work. There are scenes that need to be filled out, and details that need to be changed. I also have a critique group going through it now to spot problems I can’t at the moment. How fast I move on to v 3 will depend on how soon I can sell the prequel story “Settling with Sea Serpents.”

  • Started March 6, 2014
  • Finished April 15, 2015
  • 51,990 words
  • 23 chapters
  • 3 parts
  • 95% the size of v 1

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