The Teleporters by Steve Lemmon

Title: The Teleporters : A World Adventure
Author: Steve Lemmon

Imagine the power to instantly go anywhere in the world, anytime at all, bringing anyone you want!

Fifteen-year-old Eric Engel and his mom purchase a car from a strange old couple who live out in the desert. Before Eric’s mom drives their new, used car home, the old man gave Eric weird advice about the car––that it would take him special places where he could help people in need. Eric thought the old man was a wacko.

The next day, Eric found a ring in the backseat of the car. After trying it on, he noticed that the insignia on it looked like a wishbone. Not knowing the ring had powers of transport, Eric, under his breath, wished he could go to Germany to learn things for a school assignment. The next thing he knows he’s teleported to a German castle. He’s not sure if he’s dreaming but decided to explore the fortress anyway.

Atop a lookout, Eric saw a five-year-old boy who was about to fall 50 feet off a wall to his death. Risking his own life, Eric jumped off the lookout and saved the child, at the same time smashing his torso onto the wall.

Upon returning home in pain, Eric realized it wasn’t a dream and tried to contact the old man, but to no avail. Eventually, Eric revealed his new power to his best friend Victor Lopez. Victor talks Eric into using the new power to take him to his old neighborhood in East Los Angeles. While there, Eric experienced a different culture. They also happened upon a wedding reception where they borrowed punch and cookies and listened to a live band. On there way back home, they saw a band member passed out in the bushes and try to save him.

Later they go to Maui, and after Eric and Victor have fun snorkeling and riding the waves they chase a purse snatcher, but end up with more than they bargained for.

A subplot is that Eric is fond of a Hindu girl named Mala. She moved into his neighborhood from India two years previous. However, Eric’s schoolmate nemesis––Stan, the Cro-Magnon man—also likes Mala and fights Eric to keep him away from her. Eric bravely stands up to him.

Mala, who returns Eric’s affection, is suddenly thrown into a crisis when she learned her parents were kidnapped while vacationing in India. As she is about to use her parents’ credit card to buy a plane ticket to India, in order to help find them, Victor persuades Eric to use the ring to take her there himself. He does so, and brings Victor along as well.

The plot heats up in India where the three characters become entangled with Indian criminals, and end up getting kidnapped themselves. Only through prayer and miracles do the three of them escape. Through their influence and selfless acts, many people in India are blessed and friendships forged.

After the three return from India, they all attend their Homecoming dance where Stan tries to take Eric out of the picture, once and for all.

The book ends with Eric . . . (well, you’ll have to see). There will be a sequel.

Pre-teens to adults enjoy Teleporters. Along with the excitement and adventure, you’ll enjoy experiencing other cultures.

Available in Kindle Unlimited on Amazon


My husband’s uncle published his book on Amazon, and has it scheduled to be free for the day of Wednesday August 13. If you get a copy, I hope you enjoy it!

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