Sarimanok v 0 is Finished!

Sarimanok Feather bannerIn three days I wrote the first draft of my short story that I want to submit to The SEA is Ours. The main character, Palipa, was pretty easy to create. In Treasure of the Gods, the main character, Anku, is a boy, so I wanted this one to be a girl. Anku is from an island nation, but only spends a few chapters there, so I wanted this story to be set there. The inhabitants of this nation worship two main gods – who rule the wind and the sea. Anku is devout to the sea god and uses water magic. So in this one, I wanted to explore the wind magic. As soon as I decided that, I had an image of Palipa flying on a glider like Aang’s from the Last Airbender.

I’m still not sure what to make of the plot though. I hate ambiguously ended stories, yet that’s how this one ended up. Yet the ending resonates with the Maranao (a group from the Philippines) legends of the sarimanok. I’ll see what my writing group thinks. Right now, all I know is that to be eligible for the anthology I need to add 850 words (should be easy since I am an underwriter) and I will probably change the title.

The stats:

  • Started March 3, 2014
  • Finished March 5, 2014
  • 1,667 words long

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