2014 Writing Goals

infantinsomnia cover final copyIt’s a new year, and now that I’m getting used to dealing with three kids, it’s a perfect time for me to set out some goals for my writing for this year. I’ve got some ambitions, so we’ll see how I do.

  • Publish “Infant Insomnia” as an e-book single
  • Write 2 drafts of “Silent Scars”
  • Write another draft of Treasure of the Gods
  • Write another draft of Lightning Born
  • Publish an e-cookbook with recipes from my allergy blog

The last two goals are a stretch. I’m pretty sure that I can at least start the draft of Lightning Born. Finishing it before December 31 is another question. Publishing “Infant Insomnia” on the other hand, is pretty easy, and should be done before January is finished. The only reason I haven’t done it before now is that Leading Edge has an exclusive until the end of January. I’ve actually already got the cover done, as you can see, drawn by the awesome Kelley McMorris.

And now I’m off to work!


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